“A brand advertising pre-test process that actually works!”

Selecting the best advertising approaches and concepts can be quite speculative without the right tools. SureTest™, the ad testing methodology developed by Kantum Research, has delivered correlation scores as high as .85 between the pre and post test results. This means that you can now predict with accuracy how your advertisements will be received by consumers. Our research process identifies successful new advertisements early on, so that you can dial-up resources and media weight on the most impactful concepts.

How Does SureTest™ Work?

A sample of consumers is selected from some of the best Internet research panels. Participants are invited to review each advertising concept monadically and answer a battery of questions. And we understand that advertising works in complex ways involving both rational and emotional processes of perception.  That’s why our reports include qualitative and quantitative analysis. Results are compared to our benchmarks for successful new ads.

Pre-Post Test Correlation Graph

How Does SureTest™ Compare to Focus Group?

Although focus group studies remain valuable in exploring different ideas or strategies, its use in evaluative studies is not recommended for numerous reasons:

  • Focus groups are held in an observational environment greatly different from the conditions in which consumers usually receive the tested stimulus. Under these conditions many people react differently.
  • In focus group environment, respondents are often influenced by other participants despite the moderator skills.
  • Focus groups generally take place in urban areas rendering an important proportion of the consumers to be systematically non-represented (suburban and rural).

In addition, each SureTest™ study includes a minimum of 180 respondents which is equivalent to eighteen focus groups!

What Does SureTest™ Cost?

If you have a study or project you think might be appropriate for our SureTest™ pre-test methodology, please give us a call. We can provide a cost estimate for your specific research needs. As a general rule, SureTest™ costs between $3,750 and $7,500 per concept tested.

« Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving. » -- David Ogilvy