“What brand metric is the best predictor of new checking sales?”

Is your Brand tracker missing the most important metric? Understanding brand awareness, advertising recall and other brand metrics are no longer enough to maximize long-term profitability and gain a competitive advantage over your competition. To succeed with your next checking sales campaign, you also need to know where, when and why consumers would consider switching bank. BrandScape™ will give you an accurate measurement of your new checking sales potential along with traditional brand metrics.

Measuring Market Churn!

The percentage of consumers who would consider switching banks varies considerably over time. There are markets and conditions where your campaign will generate strong sales, but other situations when the same campaign will generate very modest results. Kantum Research has developed metrics and benchmarks that assess what is your true market potential and how to acquire it. This strategic information, in conjunction with the more traditional brand metrics will increase your marketing impact on the market.

BrandScape GraphBrandScape™

BrandScape™ is a brand tracking study developed specifically for the banking industry. This study allows financial institutions to follow their market situation and that of their principal competitors according to the most significant performance indicators for the banking industry:
Advertising awareness and recall

  • Brand consideration
  • Banking products consideration
  • Brand favorability
  • Market penetration

The data is collected by a representative opinion poll of all consumers in your footprint and expressed in charts and descriptive commentaries. Changes in market perceptions, attitudes or behavior are conveyed to you instantaneously. You are able to immediately profit from any new opportunities.